Piano every Friday and Saturday night upstairs in our Top of the Square section of our restaurant

Elegant piano music is here for you to enjoy a romantic meal on Friday and Saturday evenings.  It can be requested for your Private event, also.  Doug Gazlay has been playing piano for Shillings On The Square for nearly 10 years now.  He is also a DJ.

Doug's Dinner/Dance Parties- Piano and DJ

These fun, higher energy parties are held on select evenings for special events.  Presented by Shillings’ Pianist and DJ- Doug Gazlay.   The evening starts out with elegant piano for the early dinner time.  Then switches over to Lite Jazz DJ music.  When the time is right, the Dance/Party music kicks in and dancing begins!  Music, lights, dancing; it’s a party Y’all!!!

Private event entertainment

Doug Gazlay - Pianist/DJ/Artist

You can bring in your own entertainment for your event.  Or, consider hiring Doug Gazlay as your pianist and/or DJ.  It’s always best to book him directly to make sure he will be there for your party.

Top Of The Square is where it happens.

 It’s always best to call and make sure that The Top of the Square is open that night, and open to the public (not holding a Private event) and that Doug Gazlay is there if you’re coming out specifically to hear him play while you have a great dinner!  Call:  770-428-9520    On the calendar below, Green days Doug is playing the grand piano in the Top of the Square.